sounds lead to words, words lead to sentences and sentences tell stories

Storytelling fosters connections with those around us by creating unique and memorable experiences. We empower you with resources that promote communication skills, by dissecting contextualized words to highlight sounds that are the building blocks of a narrative. Capture the imagination of your child and hold their attention as you both share a learning adventure one moment at a time.

about the author

l. Caroline Terpstra

Hi there! I’m a speech-language pathologist who has been working in the profession for over 25 years. Throughout my practice, I often found myself reaching for books when introducing new concepts, particularly with the younger children. But, I always felt it would be fantastic, if the books would have a predetermined set of goals with fun story lines. No brainer books! My love of books and literacy prompted the idea of writing a book series.  It gave me the opportunity to pack into them early learning skills that are essential in a child’s development of speech sounds, oral language, and literacy.

Sound Sprouts
Book Series

Sound Sprouts books is a series that focuses on the development of specific components related to: sounds, language and literacy components. Enjoy reading stories, while having the ability to learn very important early learning skills.

Dede’s Pet Shop is the T/D book that highlights two sounds in order to give your child auditory and visual bombardment in a fun and interactive manner.This book is part of a series that addresses sets of sounds.

Dede’s Pet Shop

Coming Soon

papa’s pool rules

Sprout Community

This blog will grow your knowledge on how to best facilitate your child’s communication as it relates to: speech sounds, oral language and literacy development. Sprouting means: “to grow, to sprint up”. That’s my hope for your child. So let’s get to “sprouting”.


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