3 ways to improve play with your child

  • CONTENT: Create or obtain meaningful content that the child enjoys. For example: a favorite toy, Youtube channel songs, Apps, crafts, or games. Keep their hands and mind busy.
  • CONNECTION: Obtaining some level of joint-attention is very important, if a connection is going to be established. An engaged and vested child creates amazing opportunities for communication and learning. The child may not look at you (may be fleeting eye contact), but may shift his/her body towards you, or reach out for your hand,, these are ways that indicate they are “in”. Cease quickly on the opportunity, because initially you may only have a few minutes.
  • COMMUNICATION: Communication will be more likely with the right content that will organically lead to a connection. The child may be more willing and more likely to communicate. There will be opportunities for them to make requests, comments, label and/or protest. The opportunities become embedded when we’re more intentional when playing with our kids.

Hope these help! Happy sprouting:)-Carol